At BOY Limited we know only too well how important training is. Fully understanding your machines will enable you and your staff to get the best out of them, knowing what to check when things are wrong, and maximising production output. These courses are ideal not just for our customers but those who are looking to expand their knowledge of the injection moulding process.

Incorporating the latest technology of the ALPHA control system, the BOY training courses deliver both theoretical and practical high quality process training, tailored to our customer requirements and for optimising productivity.

On completion of each course the attendee will be assessed by our training instructor and issued with a certificate from BOY Limited with a copy of the course notes for future reference.

The feedback from the customers who have completed our courses prove the benefits:

  • Improved safety operation
  • Improved quality
  • Higher level of consistency of product
  • Reduced scrap rate
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Increased productivity and profits

We have listed below our standard modular courses that are available, but please let us know if you require more information.

Contact our Service Desk to arrange one of the standard training courses or to discuss a custom designed module for your own staff - 01933 354460 or Email:

One day Refresher Courses - Course No. REFALPHA2/4

/documents/ALPHA control refresher course.pdf

Introduction to Injection Moulding - Course No. INTROALPHA2/4

/documents/Introduction to injection moulding.pdf

Technical Process and Optimization - Course No. TPOALPHA2/4

/documents/Technical Process Optimisation.pdf