BOY Injection Moulding Machines - Over 50 Years of Well-proven Technology


Ever since the company was founded in 1968, BOY have concentrated on the development and manufacturing of injection moulding machines within a clamping force range up to 1250 kN. The result of this concentration is an effective programme which is used in different industrial sectors for various applications.

Thousands of customers have chosen BOY injection moulding machines. Worldwide, the precise machines are well-known for their profitability, reliability, and long service life - quality "Made in Germany".

All BOY injection moulding machines are characterised by a perfectly balanced design which is thought through to the most minute detail. This is also the criteria for the Vertical range of machines offered in the range. A full range of specially designed machines for insert moulding, overmoulding and injection on the parting line are available. Like the horizontal machines, each model uses the very latest Procan ALPHA® 4 control in combination with the now standard Servo Motor driven pump for maximum energy saving technology.

The most important design characteristics of BOY injection moulding machines have been maintained since 1968:

  • Compact design

  • Designed for ease of adding automation or robotic equipment within the machine footprint 

  • Fully hydraulic drive and Main Servo Motor system

  • State-of-the-art control techniques