BOY 80 E

The new machines of the "E" series are our top models. Because of the servo-motor pump drive, they are superior to comparable competitors' machines. We have managed to achieve or even top the positive features of electro-mechanical machines while simultaneously eliminating their disadvantages. Once more, we have proven our leading role and innovative strength regarding energy saving technologies, achieving yet another decisive breakthrough.

Entry level with large platen and small injection unit.Ideal for use with hot runner tooling. This injection moulding machine includes a variety of standard functions.

The BOY injection moulding machine equipped with the servo-motor pump drive and the Procan ALPHA ® 4 has 800 kN clamping force. The 205 injection unit usually fitted to the 60 tonne range is fitted as standard.




• Compact design with minimal floor space needed

• Procan ALPHA® 4 multi-touch control

• Servo-motor pump drive

• Lateral swivel out injection unit

• Optimum L/D ratio of the screw

• Plasticizing units for thermoplastics, thermoset, LSR, and elastomer processing

• Four tiebar, cantilevered two-platen clamping system

• Generous tie bar and platen distances

• Exact positioning of the moving platen via proportional valve

• Easily accessible ejector at the rear of the moving platen

• Smaller injection unit for tight tolerance, high precision.


Technical data

• Euromap size: 800-215

• Clamping force: 800 kN

• Max. daylight between platen: 725 mm

• Distance between tie bars: 430 x 360 mm (h x v)

• Max. shot volume: 173,2 cm3 (theoretical)


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