With the development of the BOY 60 E VV insert moulding machine, BOY have further expanded their machine programme. As with the successful BOY 25 E VV and BOY 35 E VV and previously the BOY 55 E VV models, the design of the new BOY 60 E VV is based upon proven technology. This machine generates a clamping force of 600 kN, with shot weights up to 157.6 g (PS) through the different optional screw diameters.

Generously spaced tie bars (360 x 335 mm) allow the mounting of both large and family moulds. Low table height (distance between fixed lower platen and floor) of 972 mm. The fixed lower platen was achieved by turning the standard horizontal machine's two-platen clamping unit by 90 degrees. This advantageous configuration prevents the movement of insert parts during the mould-closing phase of the cycle.

Compact dimensions and ample space for peripheral equipment on the machine frame, guarantee optimum opportunities for integration with automated production.

The BOY 60 E VV is fitted with the very latest Procan ALPHA® 4 control system.



• BOY's Largest, four tie bar insert moulding machine

• Ergonomically designed table height of 972mm

• Optimum accessibility to the mould area from all four sides

• Competitive machine working rates


Technical data

• Euromap size: 600-82 / 600-215

• Clamping force: 600 kN

• Max. daylight between platen: 550 mm (optional 100 mm larger)

• Distance between tie bars: 360 x 335 mm (h x v)

• Max. shot volume: 173.2 cm3 (theoretical)


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