The BOY 35 E VV machines are of 4-tie bar design allowing incredible flexibility for tool design and capacity issues. The lower platen is fixed and prevents any movement of the inserts or parts to be overmoulded. A particular benefit of this feature would be in the process of overmoulding of plugs and connectors onto cables and wire where handling is of main concern.

The BOY 35 E is offered with the VV configuration, and by design means that there is a large area of machine bed that can support downstream and automation equipment within the machine footprint making the installation safety and guarding a far easier task. Y and I shaped tables can be supplied and fitted to all BOY VV machines to allow increased production with the possibility of using one top half and two moving halves of mould tools for loading and unloading independent of the machine cycle.

Two sizes of injection units are available with a combination of five diameters of plasticising units for the ultimate customisation of the machine.The 35 E VV is also available with a horizontal injection configuration, BOY 35 E VH.

Both the 35 E VV and 35 E VH are available with the very latest Procan ALPHA® 4 Control System.



• Four Tie bar insert moulding machine

• Servo-motor pump drive

• Ergonomically designed for inserting and demoulding

• Optimum accessibility to the mould from all four sides

• Minimal floor space required due the compact design

• Available in a horizontal injection mode Model 35 E VH


Technical data

• Euromap size:  350-96 (Standard) 350-16, 350-45, 350-56, 350-81 (Optional)

• Clamping force: 350 kN

• Max. daylight between platen: 500 mm

• Distance between tie bars: 280 x 254 mm (h x v)

• Max. shot volume: 76.5 cm3 (theoretical)


/documents/Space Dimensions/Raumbedarf_BOY35EVV.pdf

/documents/Platen Dims/Einbaumaße_BOY35EVV.pdf

/documents/BOY PRODUCT INFO/Product_E_35E_VV.pdf