BOY 35 E

The BOY 35 E is a four-tie bar hydraulic, with energy efficient servo drive, reciprocating screw injection moulding machine and a two-platen clamping unit. The torsionally rigid clamping system and the efficiency of the injection unit make this machine particularly suitable for producing close tolerance, high precision components.

With a required floorspace of less than two square meters, the BOY 35 E is not just the most compact machine in its class, it also offers an unparalleled price/performance ratio. With the indisputably lowest machine hourly rate, the BOY 35 E is in no danger of having its top position threatened.

Five different-sized injection units allow individual adaption of the machine performance, according to the required application.



• Servo-motor pump drive

• Four-tie bar, cantilivered two platen clamping system

• High precision for tight tolerances

• Ample space to install large mould tools

• Easy access, ideally suited to incorporate optional equipment

• Fitted with the latest Procan Alpha® 4 Control System

• Floor space requirement of less than 1.96m²


Technical data

• Euromap size:   350-96 ( Standard)    350-16 / 350-45 / 350-56 / 350-81 (Optional)

• Clamping force: 350 kN

• Max. daylight between platen: 500 mm

• Distance between tie bars: 280 x 254 mm (h x v)

• Max. shot volume: 76.5 cm3 (theoretical)


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