BOY 2C S is a secondary injection unit for a 2nd Component. The machine is fitted with a SP11,16, 45, 56, 81 or 96 injection unit using a 12mm plasticising unit for small shot weights up to a 32mm plasticising unit giving a massive 76.5 cm3 . The drive unit which includes the control can be positioned next to the basic machine. The controls of both machines communicate with each other via I/O interface or by a special adaptor cable.

Depending on space and mould design the injection unit can be arranged in various positions, vertical or horizontal (side entry) 

The latest ALPHA® 4 control is used in combination with an electronically controled variable pump makes for a most precise and repeatable machine




• Electronically Controled variable pump

• Universal position for the injection unit

• High precision for tight tolerances

• Maximum efficiency through favourable investment and low operating costs

• Floor space requirement of 1.2M2



Technical data


• Injection unit size: SP81 (Standard) SP11,SP16, SP45, SP56, SP96 (Optional)

• Choice of plasticising units: 12mm - 32mm depending on injection unit chosen

• ALPHA® 4 Control 

• Total Installed power: 5.7 - 11.1KW

• Max. shot volume: 76.5cm3 (theoretical)


/documents/Space Dimensions/Raumbedarf_BOY2CS.pdf

/documents/Platen Dims/Einbaumaße_BOY_2CS.pdf

/documents/BOY PRODUCT INFO/Product_E_2CXS.pdf