Premiere at the K 2022: The new BOY XS E


At the K 2022 in Düsseldorf, the German machine manufacturer BOY presented its new injection moulding machine to the specialist audience for the first time. At the exhibition, BOY presented the enhancement of its successful compact machine with a clamping force of 100 kN. Thus the new BOY XS E is the successor of the globally successful BOY XS, which has been used for a continuous industrial operation in many industries since 2009.

The main difference between the BOY XS E and its predecessor model is the servo-motor pump drive. The efficient drive concept of the E-series from BOY now covers its entire clamping force range from 100 kN to a maximum of 1,250 kN. "In addition to the energy benefits provided by the drive technology of the E-series, the servo drive of the new
BOY XS E also scores with its high dynamics and an extremely smooth running,"
reports Martin Kaiser, Head of Technology at BOY. According to his statements, the modified BOY injection moulding machine offers a more ergonomic and service-friendly design as well as a significantly improved accessibility. Amongst others an extractable drawer has been integrated into the front side of the machine frame for service and cleaning purposes.

The BOY XS E is available with two different clamping platen configurations; in the standard-design for conventional mould sizes up to 160 mm (diagonally up to 205 mm clear space between the tie bars) as well as with a special 75 x 75 mm mould holder for micro moulds from many well-known standard manufacturers. Another advantage of the BOY XS E in terms of application technology is the 25 mm height-adjustable injection unit, which enables decentralised injection.

At the K 2022, the BOY XS E was presented with a new screen visualisation. The ALPHA 6 appears in 16:9 screen format and is equipped with additional functions, such as an individually adjustable (Widget-) library as well as a modified presentation of the symbols on the user interface. With this new visualisation, users of previous BOY machine controls wont’t have any problems navigating it, as the basic concept has been maintained. For example, previous data sets from the previous Procan ALPHA 4 are compatible for the transfer into the new ALPHA 6.

The equipment of the BOY XS E is supplemented by a cooling water distribution system with digital flow measurement, which will be offered as standard for all BOY injection moulding machines in the future. The cooling water distribution system developed by BOY can be optionally expanded and can be equipped with a temperature recording. This data can also be recorded into the process data collection of the control system. Optionally a socket distribution (triple) can be integrated.

After 13 years of BOY XS, the medium-sized machine manufacturer developed the successor model just at the right time. The BOY XS E meets the increased demands for high efficiency, energy-saving machines and a sustainable and resource-saving design.

Scan the QR code for a preview of the BOY XS E running.