5 in 5 for Principality Medical


5 in 5 for Principality Medical    


A total of 5 new BOY Injection Moulding Machines have been purchased in just 5 years by proud owner Mr Leo Basil, Managing Director of Principality Medical Limited.

" We have invested close to £200,000 over the past few years with new equipment to make our production facility more efficient with reduced energy costs and more profitability".

The fifth BOY machine is a BOY 50E with the latest ALPHA 4 control system. This compliments the four BOY 35E Machines already on site, at the company's headquarters in Newport, Wales.

Leo further commented "Our decision to invest in NEW BOY Machines was easy, once we had seen for ourselves the energy saving that was possible against our old machines. This benefit when combined with the minute footprint that each new BOY Machine offers, and the reduced running noise level (important to us in our current location) made our decision to move forward a simple one".        

"As an added bonus for us, we found that the BOY patented clamp design makes our tool setting and operation a joy. It's so flexible and suits our tools perfectly. We can use the through holes, tapped holes in the platen and even clamps when needed, without the need to lay on the floor trying to remove clamps and bolts from very difficult areas. We're getting a bit too old for that these days"    

Some, if not all, of the machines were fitted with extended ejector strokes and in some hydraulic core circuits were added. " We are finding some of the more complex tools that we are now developing do require extra facilities and options to get the best out of them."  Sprue Pickers from BOY Limited have been fitted, allowing for more production, through the night, mainly unattended, giving 24 hour /7day week production and increased revenue.   

" The Pre-sale support starting with machine selection, mould trials and sampling undertaken by BOY limited at their facility in Rushden, gave us full optimisation before the mould and machine package was delivered to our site. This meant that the engineers were able to commission the machine and immediately produce perfect mouldings in no time at all. This was possibly the most important factor for me".   

" The Support that I have experienced from Boy Limited is second to none, and without doubt would not hesitate to make BOY machines my first choice in any future plans to replace or expand my business".


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