Plastic Parts Direct invests in NEW BOY Machines





Plastic Parts Direct Limited, the Banbury based Technical Moulding Company have extended their plans to invest further in their plant with the purchase of two more new BOY Injection Moulding Machines.

The new BOY 35E Alpha 4 and the BOY 35E PRO Alpha2 now brings the total of new machines on site to seven in just a few years.

The two new machines with the latest control package have been added to the BOY fleet as part of a high-end medical project that will also incorporate a complex automation application.

Prior to this the existing five BOY units were bought to replace older machines in an effort to help reduce increasing energy and running costs. Adding to this, the reduction in cycle times through better control without compromising on quality, has been a major consideration for the Company.

Managing Director Joe Bowes stated, "BOY Machines are the only choice for us at PPD, their compact design with minimal footprint, allowed us to expand with no major investment in additional factory space"

He added, " The energy saving clearly demonstrated to us by BOY Limited, between the old and new machinery was extremely significant and this reassured our decision to strive forward with BOY and the support team. We haven't looked back since the first Alpha 2 machine arrived on site, our energy bills have reduced dramatically while at the same time we've seen a huge increase in productivity. This new advanced machine system from BOY has also reduced the loading on our chiller system due to the new servo motor and gear pump design, thereby further reducing our power consumption. "

"The support and assistance that we have received from BOY Limited has been second to none and we are more than satisfied with the direction that we have taken"


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