Maintenance Contract

Our company want you the customer, to get the best from your machines and are here to help you fully maintain and wherever possible offer preventative maintenance programmes to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity to your machines.

BOY stands for full service right from the start:

  • Competent advice, individual solutions
  • Showrooms for performances and tests
  • Mould tests under operational conditions
  • Short delivery times
  • Complete service from start-up and training
  • Permanent service availability, smooth handling
  • Efficient spare parts service
  • Extensive offer of preventive maintenance measures
  • Various training programmes

Our system allows you to have a tailor made package that suits your company, your schedules, and your budget. We can arrange to make pre-determined service visits to you 1, 2 or 3 times a year depending on the hours of operation, to carry out a detailed service check of your machines. Any remedial work that needs to be done is quickly and efficiently detailed to you together with a formal quotation for the parts required and estimated labour charge to carry out this work. It is then your choice as to when and if you wish the work to be carried out by us.

By using BOY Limited to service and maintain your machines you are guaranteed professional approach and of course only genuine BOY parts are fitted, which in the long term, will ensure that your machine performs well and more importantly will not let you down when you need it most.

You pay only for the service visit where it has been made at the agreed contract rate with no hidden charges.

If you want to know more or would like a member of our team to call in and see you to discuss the level of service that you need, please contact us on 01933 354460 and ask for Service, or email