BOY ltd Injection Moulding Machines Commissioning

For all new BOY Injection Moulding Machines, we offer at least one day commissioning and training. This includes levelling of the machine and a thorough check of all service connections prior to starting up.

We then carry out a full, comprehensive check of all movements on the machine to ensure that it is fully callibrated and safe to use. After these checks are completed, we then work alongside the customer's technician to install a mould tool demonstrating safe practices. Our engineers will then set up a running programme covering all the set data for that particular job, while at all times teaching and training the operators and machine setters to successfully make full use of the machine's parameters.

Additional training days are available for those who feel that they want to know more at an optional cost.

Normally we require 48 hours notice from date of delivery to organise a commissioning date although we can - if required - commission on the same day as delivery.