Have you ever thought whether your BOY Injection Moulding Machine is as fast or accurate as it was when you first purchased it? Have you noticed that your running costs are higher, or your original machine setting sheets do not appear to be correct any longer?

When was the last time that your machines were calibrated?

More and more companies need to be able to demonstrate quality and consistency through traceability. Part of the process controls demanded by blue chip companies require that each and every moulding machine used in the manufacture of finished goods be regularly calibrated by means of accurate measurement devices. BOY Limited offers this service. We will calibrate each machine that you have on site to include hydraulic pump control and output, transducers and the temperature process.

A full calibration certificate is then issued for all machines checked under our calibration scheme./documents/calibration cert .jpg

We can arrange to send you a full quotation for all BOY machines that you have on site.

Please call 01933 354460 or simply send us a request for a quotation on our Contact Us page.