BOY injection moulding machines – the right configuration for each task

More and more efficient and precise technologies are the result of more than 40 years of continuous research and acquired knowhow.

From the BOY XS V with a plasticizing unit of only 12 mm to our largest BOY 55E VV with 550 kN clamping force - BOY offers the right machine type for all requirements.

The best machines need an optimum control system, so BOY developed the Procan ALPHA control for all its injection moulding machines.

The design of the touch-screen control is fashioned after the Windows desktop, enabling intuitive and fast operation of the machine. This optimizes processes and shortens cycle times.

BOY XS V,  BOY 25E VV... These machine designations represent the clamping force and type of construction of the BOY injection moulding machines:

  • The number means clamping force in Mp.
  • The first letter designates the drive technology.
  • Without additional letters, it is an injection moulding machine with horizontal clamping and injection units.

In case of a different configuration, the second letter describes the arrangement of the clamping unit, the following letter the injection unit. In both cases, "H" means horizontal and "V" vertical execution.