BOY Limited hold a range of spare parts in stock for BOY Machines dating back to 1976. We aim to fulfil most orders from stock by next day delivery. In the unlikely event that we do not have the parts that you need in stock, we can bring them across from BOY in Germany in 1-2 days. Parts that we supply are genuine BOY parts and, therefore we can guarantee that they will fit first time. All we require is the correct part number, BOY model type and serial number and the parts will normally arrive with the customer next day, avoiding down time and loss of production.

Listed below are some spare consumable parts that we use and buy in large quantities. This allows us to offer them at a reduced price (while stocks are available). This will change on a regular basis, so watch this space.

Part No: 1748244

Description: Nozzle Heaterband/thermocouple

Suitable for Machines: 15/22/25/30/35

Normal Price: 99.55

Special Promotional Price: 79.60

Part No: 6800118

Description: 28mm Screw Tip Assembly

Suitable for Machines: 15/22/30/35/50/55

Normal Price: 318.00

Special Promotional Price: 290.00

Part No: 9301275

Description: Pressure Filter

Suitable for Machines: 30-50-80 Procan

Normal Price: 99.75

Special Promotional Price: 71.25
Part No: 1664431

Description: Standard 28mm Thermoplastic Screw

Suitable for Machines: 30 D. A or M

Normal Price: 1449.50

Special Promotional Price: 995.00
Part No: 2371021

Description: Standard 32mm Thermoplastic Screw

Suitable for Machines: 50T2, M, S

Normal Price: 2695.75

Special Promotional Price: 2100.00

Part No: 1556691

Description: Barrel Heaterband

Suitable for Machines: 50T2. M, S

Normal Price: 134.50

Special Promotional Price: 99.00

Part No: 9628164

Description: Displacement Transducer LWH 350

Suitable for Machines: Various

Normal Price: 166.25

Special Promotional Price: 130.00
Part No: 9708033 + 9708089 + 9708090

Description: Spider and Drive Coupling set

Suitable for Machines: Various

Normal Price: 73.85

Special Promotional Price: 65.00