Procan ALPHA® Control System

Procan ALPHA® Control System
The all new Procan ALPHA® Control system represents an ultra-modern generation in machines for BOY. This new development is the result of the very latest technological advancements with input and advice from our existing customers. A complete touch screen operation without membranes or manual switches gives total confidence to the longevity of the control panel.

Special features now include a UTX PC system with single circuit board, a freely programmable hardware module and the Iterative Learning Control (ILC) allowing higher response times and shorter set up times due to the dynamic mode of operation. Display is via a 15-inch full touch display

The system is password protected and can be set for different levels of operation. Authorisation is via a password or pre-set USB flash drive. A logbook records all changes of set values by time and by name, which can be saved or downloaded to a separate drive for further analysis.

A complete machine manual is installed onto the system that can easily be referred to directly onto the screen by a simple one-touch operation. Notes relating to individual tool or machine processes can be recorded along with a photo image onto an electronic notepad which attaches itself to the set up data for each individual mould tool for immediate reference.

Due to the powerful PC Module in use each Procan ALPHA® Controlled machine comes with software prerequisites for Ethernet and OPC data transfer. There are two USB ports for data storage and printer connections and connections for the interfacing of up to four external temperature controller units via the serial interface ports. FTB and Web servers are part of the standard interface package.

The possibilities are endless with the New Procan ALPHA® control system.
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