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Press Release June 2015

Source: Plastics and Rubber Weekly, Date: 19th June 2015

Matrix Plastics invests in Boy equipment

Matrix Plastics, the masterbatch and compounds manufacturer, has kicked off what it called "a major investment programme" with machine maker Boy. Slough-based Matrix said "the investment - £160,000 - complemented the substantial investment in new state of-the-art Leistritz extruders" made last month.

The group is buying five small 22A machines and one 80E machine. Matrix went on: "The Boy investment programme is targeted specifically at development projects, especially in automotive design, where many customers had voiced the desire and benefits of a larger test plaque, not commonly available from most suppliers."

The firm said the 80E machine meant it could work "more closely" with automotive designers by providing an XL plaque that better met their needs. Meanwhile the company said the smaller machines will replace existing Boy equipment. The new equipment reflected Matrix's commitment to meeting customers' needs, it said.

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Press Release August 2014

Four Working BOYS to Take to the Floor at Interplas

Northants-based BOY Limited will be showing four BOY injection moulding machines in full operation at Interplas 2014. A BOY 80E will be “centre stage” at the show, demonstrating the energy savings it says can be achieved by the introduction of revolutionary plasticising concept of the ECONPLAST unit, which can reduce heating energy consumption and losses during dosing by a reported 50 percent. This can easily be shown on the BOY patented Procan ALPHA® 2 control system at the show.

BOY will also demonstrate the best-selling BOY 60E, its popularity due to its compact design as well as having one of the smallest footprint to clamp force ratios in its size range. The machine will be complimenting the larger BOY 80E.

The smallest machine on the BOY stand will be the BOY XS, demonstrating miniature moulding capabilities,alongside the Special Edition BOY 22A which will be shown detailing its added new features, which are said to allow integration with other main suppliers’ machines of similar size. BOY Limited will reveal what it says is an “unbelievable show price” for these machines at the start of Interplas.

Both the BOY 60E and BOY 80E machines that will be on show are fitted with the company’s energy-saving servo pump driver system coupled to an effective gear pump. Using the lasted ALPHA® 2 control system, BOY says it can demonstrate both the 50 percent energy savings of this system and the increased optimisation control that the new energy parameter pages allow.

Click here to see the Interplas 2014 Floor Plan for Hall 4. BOY Ltd and Hi-Class Machinery will be on stand B30.


Press Release June 2014

A Very Special PDM Show and a Very Special Month

June saw the unveiling of the Boy 22A Special Edition at the PDM show in Telford and an order placed for the machine during the very first day of the exhibition!

The Boy 22A Special Edition offers all the advantages that you expect from Boy including the Procan ALPHA® control system with 15” touch display, generous tie bar spacing, and small machine footprint (see New Machines section for details).

The special show offer for this machine continues for a limited period only:

£20,750 less part exchange offer of up to £1,500 for any machine up to 25T in any condition.

See our Promotions page for more information regarding this offer.

Also demonstrated at the PDM event was the Procan ALPHA® 2 control system which is now fitted on all other machines in the range. The redesigned 15” LED multi touch display incorporates projective captive touch technology which enables the operator to navigate the system by swiping the screen, as with other modern communication devices.

We would like to thank all our new and existing customers for making June another record breaking sales month. We very much look forward to working with all the potential new customers that visited our stand at the PDM show and those who visited our showroom here at Rushden during June.


Press Release September 2013

BOY Clearly Optimizes the Plasticizing Process

BOY, the manufacturer of injection moulding machines with clamping forces up to 1,000 kN presented EconPlast as its fair highlight at K 2013 in Dusseldorf. With energy savings of up to 50 % during plasticizing, EconPlast is much more economical than conventional plasticizing systems.

Since 2008 BOY has considerably lowered the energy requirement on the drive side with the introduction of the servo-motor pump drive. The new EconPlast system, which has been applied for a patent, now makes plasticizing much more energy-efficient. Martin Kaiser, BOY Head of Mechanical and Hydraulic Design explains: “For the processing of plastic during injection moulding, considerable amounts of energy is needed, since plastic first has to be melted (“plasticized“). The lion´s shares of the energy requirement of an injection moulding machine are the cylinder heating and the dosing. Therefore, it makes sense to subject the plasticizing process to an energy optimization environment.”

Through a number of measures, BOY succeeded to clearly reduce the energy losses during plasticizing. In extensive tests according to the Euromap cycle, 40% energy savings for the heating power as well as 60% less energy during dosing was achieved with the EconPlast units. Thereby the efficiency factor of the heat transfer has been optimized and the temperature control is achieved faster, more direct and even more precise.

Besides the increased energy-saving during plasticizing, EconPlast offers a number of other advantages. Starting and heating times are significantly shorter. In addition the reject rate is lower due to less material usage and more low-friction processing of different thermoplastics. Improved control of the feeding zone cooling with clearly lower energy losses completes the special package. The high wear-resistant EconPlast are optionally available for all BOY injection moulding machines from a screw diameter of 24 mm.

According to Euromap 60.1, the use of an EconPlast unit has also made an immediate impact on the energy classification of injection moulding machines. It has also made the comparability of injection moulding machines more transparent. The new BOY 60 E with a 600 kN clamping force has already achieved the top classification 9+ with the EconPlast option. The new BOY 100 E (1,000 kN clamping force) is even with a higher material throughput per hour very close to the limit of the energy consumption dream mark of 10+.

Learn all the information about EconPlast by going to the new BOY website


Press Release August 2013

The New BOY 25E is Even More Powerful

In a few weeks, the new BOY 25 E with 250 kN clamping force will be presented to the public for the first time at K 2013 in Dusseldorf (hall 13 / booth A 43). According to the well known compactness of all BOY injection moulding machines, a footprint of only 1,8 m² is required. When constructing we also paid attention to the improvement of the accessibility to the mould space and the plasticizing units. This set the preconditions for an even faster mould change. Thanks to the servo-motor pump drive not only the energy costs can be kept low, but also a reduction of the oil amount to 65 liters and a clearly reduction of the noise emission to below 67 dB (A) were realized.

In the area of the mould space and the trip chute, smoother surfaces ensure a safe removal of the parts and improved clean room compatibility.

The new model has six optional injection units in the range of the Euromap sizes SP 11 to SP 82. With the availability of screw diameters from 12 mm to 32 mm (for 4,5 to maximum 76,4 cm³ stroke volume) an enormous scope of applications is covered.

As a special highlight, differential injection is possible with the thermoplastic plasticizing units SP 11, SP 16 and SP 39.

“With the new differential injection units, we provide the user maximum flexibility“ Martin Kaiser, BOY Head of Mech.-Hydr. Design, stated. “Especially the injection unit SP 39 with the 18mm and 22 mm screw diameters will be probably most in demand, since the differential injection can be optionally switched on or off,” explains Kaiser. In this way the user can optimally adapt the injection unit to the mould: on the one hand fast injection for thin walled parts or on the other hand very high injection pressures for difficult to fill form geometries. This flexibility is possible through loading in terms of software of the constant lists, which are valid for the respective screw diameter and which determine the performance of the injection units.

Additional advantages of the differential injection units are shorter cycle times as well as the reduction of time-consuming and costly alterations. “Loading of the respective constant lists is in any case faster than a mechanical alteration,” states the BOY Head of Design.

With the newly developed BOY 25 E and the flexible differential injection units, BOY demonstrates again its efforts to make the injection moulding machines even more flexible and efficient in the terms of the user.