The smallest vertical machine in the range designed for insert and over-moulding. Equipped with the world's only 12mm standard screw plasticising unit, the BOY XSV precisely meters small injection volumes less than 0.1cm³ with high repeatability. Three standard thermoplastic plasticising units are available with diameters of 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm. Rubber and Thermoset plasticising units are the latest processing options

The BOY XSV is a fully hydraulic, reciprocating screw injection moulding machine with a two-platen, two-tie bar design. The Clamping cylinders are integrated within the fixed platen, which minimises overall footprint while at the same time maintaining a large moulding area.

Optimised screw geometry reduces material dwell time in the plasticisng unit while at the same time higher resolution of the screw stroke, resulting in precise injection control. A special stainless steel hopper and collection drawer is fitted to enable easy inspection and collection of the produced parts.

Technical data

• Euromap size: 100-14

• Clamping force: 100 kN

• Max. daylight between platen: 250 mm (optional 200 mm)

• Distance between tie bars: 160 mm (diagonal 205 mm)

• Max. shot volume: 8.0 cm3 (theoretical)


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