The BOY XS is a recent development from BOY - an injection moulding machine designed with well proven technology and all the merits of our larger machines. This compact machine requires floorspace of no more than 0.74m².

The essence of Micro Injection Moulding is perfect reproduction of shot volume. Our small 12mm plasticising unit combined with the innovative Procan ALPHA® 2 Control ensure absolute precision, repeatablility and ease of operation.


• This machine is ideally suited for the use of flexible and efficient single-cavity moulds in place of large, complex multi-cavity designs. The mould concept for the BOY XS is to use a fixed mould base with interchangeable inserts that can be changed in no time at all.

• If you consider energy consumption and moulding applications, the BOY XS offers the best solution without compromise particularly with sprueless injection moulding. A specially designed nozzle which advances directly into the cavity, which not only eliminates the sprue but also a costly hot tip and runner system.

• More precise. Most economical. Extremely compact.

• Precise Procan ALPHA® 2 Control

• Easy to operate and user friendly

• Totally energy efficient

• Easily adaptable for automated processes

• Designed for continuous industrial operation

Technical data

• Euromap size: 100-14

• Clamping force: 100 kN

• Max. daylight between platen: 250 mm (optional 200 mm)

• Distance between tie bars: 160 mm (diagonal 205 mm)

• Max. shot volume: 8.0 cm3 (theoretical)


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