BOY 35 E HV is a four-tie bar hydraulic with energy efficient servo drive, reciprocating screw injection moulding machine with a two-platen clamping unit and is fitted with the latest state of the art Procan ALPHA® 2 Control. The torsionally rigid clamping system and the efficiency of the injection unit make this machine particularly suitable for producing close tolerance, high precision components of up to 73.7grammes in PS.

The BOY 35 E HV uses many of the components from the BOY 35E with the exception of the injection unit which is mounted in a vertical position. This is one of the most compact injection moulding machines in this configuration. The price / performance ratio of this machine is unbeatable.

The BOY 35 E HV is fitted with the latest Procan ALPHA® 2 Control System.

Technical data

• Euromap size: 350-16 / 350-45 / 350-56 / 350-81 / 350-96

• Clamping force: 350 kN

• Max. daylight between platen: 500 mm

• Distance between tie bars: 280 x 254 mm (h x v)

• Max. shot volume: 76.4 cm3 (theoretical)


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