Efficient two component injection moulding

A modular second injection unit that can be fitted to any machine that has been equipped with a BOY interface.

The injection unit for a second component based on the ultra compact BOY XS and is equipped with an own hydraulic drive and control. The injection unit for the 2nd component is available with different injection units. Plasticizing volumes up to 76,4 cm3 as well as injection pressures up to 3,128 bar are possible.

The controls of both machines communicate with each other via special interfaces and ensure a fluent process of the injection moulding cycle. Due to the low space required of the BOY XS, the injection unit can be arranged in various positions on the basic machine. As a rule, the injection unit is placed vertically above the two-component mould, although a lateral installation is possible. The drive unit, which includes the control, is positioned on the backside of the machine. The open nozzle plasticizing unit is connected to the injection unit for the second component through a corresponding adjustable high-pressure hose line. This flexible machine arrangement enables countless application possibilities when considering two- component injection moulding.

Technical data

• Euromap size: -

• Clamping force: -

• Max. daylight between platen: -

• Distance between tie bars: -

• Max. shot volume: 76.4 cm3 (theoretical)


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