BOY 22 A

BOY 22 A
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The BOY 22 A and preceding two-tie bar models were the beginning of BOY's success story, which began in 1968. Since that time over 25,000 machines of this series have been sold worldwide with continuously improving designs and increased efficiency. This is proof of high acceptance of a design that has been perfected to the last detail.

Characteristics of the BOY 22 A include total reliability and extremely low machine hourly rates. Its compact design means the BOY 22 A requires a footprint of 1.85m².

The machine features a versatile cantilever design that offers easy access and room for additional options or automation equipment. This construction technique is strong, clean and ergonomical, and offers generous tie bar distances and platen dimensions. Two sizes of injection groups are available resulting in eight different screw diameter options, and a wide range of individual equipment options.

The 22 A is fitted with the Procan ALPHA® Control System that has been developed for infinite control, easy access for process data and simple operation. With the integrated ILC system the process has never been easier.

A configuration is available for split line injection in the form of the BOY 22 A HV.


• Attractive price/performance ratio

• Robust, well thought out design

• High efficiency through low machine hourly rates

• Generous tie bar and platen dimensions

• Optional vertical configuration for parting- line injection

Technical data

• Euromap size: 220-11 / 220-15 / 220-18 / 220-52

• Clamping force: 220 kN

• Max. daylight between platen: 400 mm

• Distance between tie bars: 254 MM

• Max. shot volume: 64.3 cm3 (theoretical)


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